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Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Good And Free Resources For Your Graphics and Photo Editing Needs: Inkscape, Skitch App and Pixlr Editor

Hello World from T.S.L.!

Last update: 1st April 2016

Don't have a graphics editing tool?

Give Inkscape a shot if you want some vector graphics done with a free/open-source software! Take up an udemy course if you want to learn Inkscape in systematic, video tutorial style. I have taken this course before so I know this course is fine for learning Inkscape. Please note that while Inkscape is free, the Udemy course is not. More Inkscape resources can be found here. An advice would be, Inkscape like any other artistic endeavours,  usually takes time and effort, so if this is not your strong interest or forte, then perhaps dedicate your time and attention on some other good skill development.
Also, checkout this free Youtube playlist of 200 videos -  Popular videos: Inkscape and drawing starting with below first video:

Also, if you like 3D modelling and animation, instead, then Blender is the way to go! Though like Inkscape course , the Udemy course here for blender 3D  is also not free. All the best.

You want some graphics modifications done fast and quick online?

Give either of these two free resources a shot!

Canva is a fast and easy way to use your own and some free graphics to edit for certain fixed popular formats. And fast too. It looks good as well It's online and capable of saving your work!.You can also purchase more professional graphics at about $1 each.

Skitch by Evernote(as recommended in this post Why Evernote?), can be used offline to quickly and easily illustrate with common arrows/icons and annotate screenshots and images for presentation and educational purposes. Examples can be seen in these posts Blogspot Blog Setup and Choose and learn a new programming language: Python

Simple arrow with Skitch

Pixlr Editor is a powerful online photo editing and effects program suite by Autodesk. Anyone can sign up free and start using the web apps.  For most, probably the free and powerful Pixlr Express is enough for quick photo fixes.

If you like a course to guide you how to benefit from Pixlr power, you may like this Udemy course. However, you may wish to get this course with there is a Udemy promotion going on e.g. $15/10.

Udemy Course on Pixlr Power: How to use the Pixlr Editor

Have fun with your image shots!


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