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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Coding: The End?

I'm tired

It's good people work hard for the right livelihood! Having studied and trained in computer studies and programming, I know how fast and much this industry can and have changed. For a good and steady lifestyle, I hope people have a consistent, good-paying harmless work, without having to worry about making enough or when will be the next payout. Alas, this is not a work or industry that I wish anyone to take upon as a career or even hobby because of its fast-changing needs and development. While I'm glad people learn logic and systematic way of thinking, but there may be way too much change and dynamism to the point of restlessness - NOT likely something you want or can DO five, ten, twenty months/years down or in your retirement. One may not feel tired right now, but he should or will be.  Who is getting younger and should/can one compete with more and more quick-minded and talented teens? And progression of development in future may only get faster, more complex and harder. 

Another way of looking:  How many senior developers out there still have the energy, health and edge to compete with capable, young minds? Even if one still have a job despite senior discrimination at work, can one's hard work really justify both to others and in conscience the quality is at par with smart teens? And for how long? There will be a time when we will feel tired eventually. And by then, when we look back on the nature of our work, which ones are more valuable and easily replicable as a beneficial, useful skill - coding or art? Would you rather pass on beautiful art appreciation or historic javascript and html codes to your future generations?

Better out now than later

It is not about just learning anything to everything, but the question is what is worth learning. There's no lack of sites to learn from. We should be open-minded and always improve ourselves and our art. However, I don't think we should just learn anything anyone throw at us. Selection is crucial. In fact, it is so impertinent that we do so wisely. Otherwise we might be just reading useless texts, or worse picking up wrong and evil views. 

Another thing about Internet tutorials or courses I find wary and tiring is the incompleteness and readers are often left wondering what next after spending time learning or does this really lead to anywhere useful? Well, I can't say all online courses are the same, some may really deliver certain long-lasting beneficial results, but my current recommendation medium to learn from is books. Why? Briefly, possibility of gauging book quality and expectation from preview and reviews. Good books suitable for you may be classics and not be latest releases. Secondly, Use an online bookstore that fights paid, biased reviews like Amazon.

Good books of quality can be a really bargain for the  good information at an affordable price. In fact, one may be hard pressed to find a better deal for value. Use good books!

So what is the right stuffs to read? To each his own, but definitely choose wise and in good and wholesome readings and views free of contradictions, negativities or ignorance.


Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend you or anyone for that matter to engage in a more steady and wholesome skill learning such as landscape painting or sculpturing as work or long term hobby. Of course, logic development is good, just doing it in a way that is beneficial and wholesome without being a mental baggage, tagged with a quick-expiration, high learning curve nature or work dread might be better. 
I feel coding is not what I want to pursue anymore because of the quick-changing nature of it. It is changing too fast for me, and can be too much pressure to deliver. I think it is better to spend time and effort on Art. It is more rewarding and directly beneficial to self and others. 

While my coding journey may not continue, I hope somehow my experience will help someone have a greater chance at better work, career and life :-)

The End?

So why am I pushing myself to code in the realm of uncertainties, only to enjoy it less and lesser? Perhaps my time to programming had run its course, as with everything a result of causes and conditions will come to end. Impermanence.

Take care

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