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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Choose and install a good Linux flavour

Which Linux to choose?

In brief, choose Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate Virtualbox screenshot

This post is meant to help you save time and effort by zooming into one or more Linux flavour that may be well worth your time installing. Some Linux derivatives may prove to be time consuming and even kind of waste of time if discarded after downloading and tested to be unsatisfactory. 

Choose Ubuntu

There are many Linux distros on the market. I suggest to save your time and consider Ubuntu-based straight off.  Reasons may include:
  • GUI may appear more professional, aesthetic or user-friendly
  • Stability and consistent
  • Core software may be easily updated
  • Perhaps the most comprehensive in terms of support both community & paid and extensive offerings - Cloud/Server/Desktop/Phone/Tablet/ioT/Core
  • Many flavours to choose from, perhaps too many for a newbie:
Welcome Screenshot

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Coding: The End?

I'm tired

It's good people work hard for the right livelihood! Having studied and trained in computer studies and programming, I know how fast and much this industry can and have changed. For a good and steady lifestyle, I hope people have a consistent, good-paying harmless work, without having to worry about making enough or when will be the next payout. Alas, this is not a work or industry that I wish anyone to take upon as a career or even hobby because of its fast-changing needs and development. While I'm glad people learn logic and systematic way of thinking, but there may be way too much change and dynamism to the point of restlessness - NOT likely something you want or can DO five, ten, twenty months/years down or in your retirement. One may not feel tired right now, but he should or will be.  Who is getting younger and should/can one compete with more and more quick-minded and talented teens? And progression of development in future may only get faster, more complex and harder. 

Another way of looking:  How many senior developers out there still have the energy, health and edge to compete with capable, young minds? Even if one still have a job despite senior discrimination at work, can one's hard work really justify both to others and in conscience the quality is at par with smart teens? And for how long? There will be a time when we will feel tired eventually. And by then, when we look back on the nature of our work, which ones are more valuable and easily replicable as a beneficial, useful skill - coding or art? Would you rather pass on beautiful art appreciation or historic javascript and html codes to your future generations?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Learn Javascript Free Course Online with Free Code Camp (Part 5)

Important: Follow an authentic, comprehensive course that CAN be broken down into quality bytes of minutes for practise each day!

There is not much point investing your time, effort and money in some endeavours going nowhere. Be productive and diligent. Have a worthy purpose - Be kind to others is of utmost importance.

Whether it is sketching, piano, writing, inkscape or programming, the amount of research just to get the right roadmap (book / course) is so crucial yet time-consuming. This simply cannot be compromised. As a self-learning adult, there is no other way to skip this essential process to success.

Quality is key. Yes you may follow other resources to supplement your learning but do stick to a good Freecodecamp  roadmap in the long run. Stay focused.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Learn Javascript Free Course Online with Free Code Camp (Part 1)

Announcement: Last update 6th March 2016

Read I spent $110,000 on grad school, only to realize that the free online resources were actually better - Robb.

Listen to Mr Quincy Larson's podcast on FreeCodeCamp.

If you just browse through the important, systematic road map guide, you will see actually see how comprehensive or intensive it is! Freecodecamp puts the course at 2080 hours to complete. Realistically, I'ld think it is likely longer. 

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and some of its frameworks with the free online course : Free Code Camp - Become a software engineer: Front End, Back Data Visualisation, Back End, Full Stack Web Developer. (FCC) - Javascript and MORE - is my current number one recommendation for learning to code and become a front-end web and back-end developer for relevant jobs preparation, freelancing or coding for non-profits.

In my previous post Choose and learn a new programming language: Python, I indicated a preference for knowing and mapping in advance where and how the learning path will go. Don't think I know of a resource as good as FCC for python, but if you can survive on just free and organised ebook, videos and active support group - then Web2py is my definite recommendation for learning Python and all the way to web development  - Why use Web2py?.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why use Web2py?


Unless you must program in Python, my latest and best recommendation go to FreeCodeCamp, read more here.

Download free Web2py ebook  and/or free Web2py Vimeo Album Videos

There is also a free Udemy course on Python and Web2py that is still under development as of this writing.

As Massimo Di Pierro (original author of Web2py) said, " the main advantage/objective of web2py framework is to be the easiest and fastest to develop web applications".

Friendly and ease of use

Web2py has a friendly, approachable outlook and feel to it e.g. GUI environment and web2py simple examples and more. There is a lesser learning curve and so much easier to deploy. So fast it took me less than two hours to run a hello world app site and deploy to python anywhere, learn and see how fast you can do it from killer web development. In fact, web2py is the only one that I got deployed after spending some tinkering with Django and Flask too. When it comes to the complexity of web frameworks, makes one wonder is it not the purpose of technological advancement to make life easier and simpler rather than not? This is straightforward, I think, there is much to learn before one can even do serious Django proper. Flask is easier than Django, but gets complex soon. Web2py is the simplest to get started quickly for me so far, but that does not mean it cannot be used for production. It is so friendly that running the server, file editing and web page views can all be done from the graphical interface, like an all in one package - that in itself, my friend, is in a league of its own, I feel.  That means you can even edit the codes from the desktop graphical interface without hunting high and low for a good and hopefully free code editor. In case you are wondering, my recommendation goes to the free code editor that comes with free manual ebook.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

R and Python


25 January 2016: Machine Learning with R free ebook. Get it free in less than 5 hours.

22 January 2016: R Machine Learning Essentials - Grab free in less than than 24 hours here 

18 January 2016: Building Machine Learning Systems With Python eBook- Grab it free while offer runs out in less than 21 hours! Kindle version, not free (affiliate link) is also available on Amazon, though to be honest, unfortunately the reviews are not too positive.

Read more here about Python vs R for machine learning.

For jobseekers who gravitate towards Machine learning, here's Udacity's Nanodegree Plus - Machine Learning - Get hired guaranteed, conditions apply.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Choose and learn a new programming language: Python

Last Update 7th April March 2016


Please read my later post and recommendation: Learn Javascript Free Course Online with Free Code Camp

  • Numerous Python-related resources here by Luis Solis.
  • Read Atom Flight Manual and download ebook formats here. Atom is a free, open source code editor looks more modern than some, with packages and themes customisable capability.

Web Development with Django Cookbook

Free at in less than 17 hours.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Evernote?


Some people love it. Some not so much. Others took a few times of revisiting before taking off. I think the chief reason being our need or style at that particular time and situation.

Clearly, some peoples’ life do not need or prefer excessive or much documentation, organisation of information or handles loads of stuffs including words and images. On the other hand, those with the mindset of collecting and storing organised information for either personal or work purposes can appreciate the usefulness of this really neat application!

Not only is it creatively designed, it is made for easy usage and scalable to more advance ways of noting. Moreover, the cross platform versatility and ability to be used in different ways such as helper app and extensions are really easing our fingertips convenience for notes taking.

Evernote is one of those applications that until one uses it, one may not realise what he or she is missing out on. Granted not everyone needs Evernote as a notebook or even much organisational skill to survive, but having a knack for keeping things in order is almost a definite benefit, an advantage over not, right? Moreover, anyone who had made notes, with Evernote or not though it had made it easier and inspire more people to do so, had made an impact in his or her own way come to think about it: A thought can be a cause. The writing on a note the consequence.