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Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Evernote?


Some people love it. Some not so much. Others took a few times of revisiting before taking off. I think the chief reason being our need or style at that particular time and situation.

Clearly, some peoples’ life do not need or prefer excessive or much documentation, organisation of information or handles loads of stuffs including words and images. On the other hand, those with the mindset of collecting and storing organised information for either personal or work purposes can appreciate the usefulness of this really neat application!

Not only is it creatively designed, it is made for easy usage and scalable to more advance ways of noting. Moreover, the cross platform versatility and ability to be used in different ways such as helper app and extensions are really easing our fingertips convenience for notes taking.

Evernote is one of those applications that until one uses it, one may not realise what he or she is missing out on. Granted not everyone needs Evernote as a notebook or even much organisational skill to survive, but having a knack for keeping things in order is almost a definite benefit, an advantage over not, right? Moreover, anyone who had made notes, with Evernote or not though it had made it easier and inspire more people to do so, had made an impact in his or her own way come to think about it: A thought can be a cause. The writing on a note the consequence.