Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Evernote?


Some people love it. Some not so much. Others took a few times of revisiting before taking off. I think the chief reason being our need or style at that particular time and situation.

Clearly, some peoples’ life do not need or prefer excessive or much documentation, organisation of information or handles loads of stuffs including words and images. On the other hand, those with the mindset of collecting and storing organised information for either personal or work purposes can appreciate the usefulness of this really neat application!

Not only is it creatively designed, it is made for easy usage and scalable to more advance ways of noting. Moreover, the cross platform versatility and ability to be used in different ways such as helper app and extensions are really easing our fingertips convenience for notes taking.

Evernote is one of those applications that until one uses it, one may not realise what he or she is missing out on. Granted not everyone needs Evernote as a notebook or even much organisational skill to survive, but having a knack for keeping things in order is almost a definite benefit, an advantage over not, right? Moreover, anyone who had made notes, with Evernote or not though it had made it easier and inspire more people to do so, had made an impact in his or her own way come to think about it: A thought can be a cause. The writing on a note the consequence. 

For Organisation and Noting 
  • Create a note
  • Too many notes, need to organise so create notebooks to put notes into accordingly. 
  • Too many notebooks, so stack up all the relevant notebooks together to create a stack or stacks to even further organise for uncluttered and simple top view.
  • There are relevant various topics and subjects across the notebooks and stacks, but you want to group across all relevant subjects and topics together, so you may use tags in addition to your existing notebooks and stacks OR use tags exclusively for hierarchical organisation. Tags can be very powerful. Use ++ for most important stuffs. Tags can be listed in order of importance from hashtags, periods and then numbers.
  • Use shortcuts and default notebooks. For simple and immediate access upon launching Evernote.
  • Use Reminders to remind you of the note or task at a certain later date. For example, to continue a certain writing later.
  • Use Keyboard shortcuts e.g. CMD+OPTION+2 for notebooks and stacks overviews.
  • Use invert colours e.g CMD+OPTION+CONTROL+8 when typing more than a paragraph. iOS is pressing Home button three times. This is useful for long hours of screen stare.
  • Use full screen in typing mood.
  • Use Sidebar Options for quick overview of all
  • Fair and reasonable price model
  • Use Evernote for blogging with (paid)
  • Email into Evernote with @notebooks and #hashtags (paid?)
  • Evernote with Evernote App for Web Clippings, there is also a Safari Extension for Evernote
  • Develop a love for organising information, and it may well surprise how much it helped your various aspects of life, from writing to job and personal accountability. And Evernote may introduce a better way of doing it, making it fun and painless, even adding another dimension of mastering it through search tags, social media integration and more. Right mouse click a note, click on More Sharing and Copy Public Link for sharing the note with others on the internet.
  • Use Radiotunes or iTunes Radio when typing away 
  • Evernote has a basic monthly limit, which can act as a motivator for the writer to reach as a target, which in turn can be source for inspiration to write! Weird, but why not give it a shot?
  • Neat Interface. Evernote expanded card view has pictures overview too, looks cool!


One more good reason why to use Evernote, simply because of the price model. It’s free for basic usage of up to 60MB/month, which is fair and quite comfortable for less size-intensive users such as writers. And only pays if one need to scale up considerably, and at a low monthly price even so. Considering someone who starts small and eventually built up to a point where he requires a lot more, it is likely and fair to say that he may already have earned his way to pay for the reasonably small monthly fee, I hope you agree with the logic here. So why not use Evernote as a free service as much as one wishes and even when it doesn’t hit the limit, it will still remain a free service you. That sounds pretty fair to me, just as I would applaud google for offering gmail and many other free services to the public.

Yes, there are Onenote, Google Keep, and iCloud Notes. These are all professional, reliable and free services.

Yes, you can backup your evernotes for restore later. Or just tag those few notes as 'important', and manually copy each over to Onenote.

How many new writers already know that a notebook can be so useful and important? 

Evernote can be used as a journal. I also added the daily or important ones to a quick shortcut list that appeared on the left conveniently as a reminder & bookmarks of interesting stuffs. 

Once a writer or blogger start using a notebook intensively,  I'ld imagine it gets overwhelming and cluttered really fast. That's why I appreciate the notebooks feature (a collection of notes), and even stacking of notebooks. To top it off, there is also a search function to look for the needle in a haystack. As if that's not enough, and it may won't be after many months and years, it is also a good practise to start tagging as a habit to better organise and search.


Of course some might love the traditional way of using physical notebooks, I totally get it. Then again, in this modern age where internet and social media is so prevalent, how or should a writer ignore and not save easily into a digital notebook interesting bits and pieces of digital shares and information that may inspire and contribute to his writings?

Whatever works for you :)

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