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Monday, February 8, 2016

Learn Javascript Free Course Online with Free Code Camp (Part 1)

Announcement: Last update 6th March 2016

Read I spent $110,000 on grad school, only to realize that the free online resources were actually better - Robb.

Listen to Mr Quincy Larson's podcast on FreeCodeCamp.

If you just browse through the important, systematic road map guide, you will see actually see how comprehensive or intensive it is! Freecodecamp puts the course at 2080 hours to complete. Realistically, I'ld think it is likely longer. 

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and some of its frameworks with the free online course : Free Code Camp - Become a software engineer: Front End, Back Data Visualisation, Back End, Full Stack Web Developer. (FCC) - Javascript and MORE - is my current number one recommendation for learning to code and become a front-end web and back-end developer for relevant jobs preparation, freelancing or coding for non-profits.

In my previous post Choose and learn a new programming language: Python, I indicated a preference for knowing and mapping in advance where and how the learning path will go. Don't think I know of a resource as good as FCC for python, but if you can survive on just free and organised ebook, videos and active support group - then Web2py is my definite recommendation for learning Python and all the way to web development  - Why use Web2py?.