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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Choose and install a good Linux flavour

Which Linux to choose?

In brief, choose Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate Virtualbox screenshot

This post is meant to help you save time and effort by zooming into one or more Linux flavour that may be well worth your time installing. Some Linux derivatives may prove to be time consuming and even kind of waste of time if discarded after downloading and tested to be unsatisfactory. 

Choose Ubuntu

There are many Linux distros on the market. I suggest to save your time and consider Ubuntu-based straight off.  Reasons may include:
  • GUI may appear more professional, aesthetic or user-friendly
  • Stability and consistent
  • Core software may be easily updated
  • Perhaps the most comprehensive in terms of support both community & paid and extensive offerings - Cloud/Server/Desktop/Phone/Tablet/ioT/Core
  • Many flavours to choose from, perhaps too many for a newbie:
Welcome Screenshot