Monday, June 20, 2016

Learn Javascript Free Course Online with Free Code Camp (Part 2)


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Important: Follow an authentic, comprehensive course that CAN be broken down into quality bytes of minutes for practise each day!

There is not much point investing your time, effort and money in some endeavours going nowhere. Be productive and diligent. Have a worthy purpose - Be kind to others is of utmost importance.

Whether it is sketching, piano, writing, inkscape or programming, the amount of research just to get the right roadmap (book / course) is so crucial yet time-consuming. This simply cannot be compromised. As a self-learning adult, there is no other way to skip this essential process to success.

Quality is key. Yes you may follow other resources to supplement your learning but do stick to a good Freecodecamp  roadmap in the long run. Stay focused.

Please DON'T get caught up with hefty bootcamp($20k?) that may or may not serve you no more than just as a motivation crutch! Money may not come by easy, just think of how our parents, ancestors and how hard people are working for it. The luxuries we have, we owe it to the hard work of our parents and others. Be thrifty, don't waste it unnecessarily, spend wisely is all I'm saying.

I am slowing down and taking the time to go though some fundamentals again this time with You Don't Know JS series (my collection here) (was progressing in React learning, the next step after front-end and sass.) React is not so straightforward as JS i'd think, I find it a big jump in terms of syntax, design (the use of ES6 & classes) and setup (not a necessity but webpack and node.js may be used) compared to basic JS. Even the debugging or troubleshooting part when something is not working seem more challenging. However, learning React can be a significant milestone in being a full-stack JS web developer.

On Codepen:

Did you know that Codepen also support two cool features : Emmet and Multiple Cursors/Selections?? These time-saving tricks are pretty useful for heavy HTML and Sublime users. Under the html space in Codepen:

Type nav>ul>li*10 , and then TAB

Type p>lorem and TAB

Type div.showOnHover and TAB

Multiple selection for editing? Click anywhere, then click press command key (on a Mac) without release, click all the places you want to edit at the same time, then realise the command key and start typing away!

To embed a pen, click the embed button at the bottom right corner, copy the iframe/html codes and paste into html code page.

In addition to, I also found another cool youtube channel - The Net Ninja with at least 18 playlists to learn from. And basically from what I watched, it's quite good. Some better, like the Asynchronous JS playlist. Both do not waste time in story-telling and dives fast into the topic.

Summary: I'd like to complete You Don't Know JS series (my collection here) while waiting for FreeCodeCamp to release the React materials in Spring. Let's see how it goes :-)

Enjoy and take care!

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